Global Rescue + BaseMap: #1 In Hunter Safety & Success
Global Rescue Comes to BaseMap®
BaseMap® has partnered with Global Rescue to offer our users access to field rescue services. When you purchase Global Rescue you are eligible to receive medical advisory and rescue services while in the field.
  • Professional medical advisory services in the event of an emergency
  • 24/7 Field rescue and evacuation
  • Direct communication to Global Rescue from the BaseMap App*
  • BaseMap Exclusive Offer
  • Nationwide protection
  • *Requires cell or satellite connected device
Keep Yourself Protected in the Outdoors
Freqently Asked Questions
Is Global Rescue Insurance?
No. Global Rescue memberships are more than financial protection. Global Rescue has in-house operations teams that handle inquiries from members when emergencies occur in the field. These could range from an in-field medical question, such as a bite, cut or illness all the way to a complete evacuation when an emergency occurs.
What is Global Rescue medical advisory?
You can contact Global Rescue whenever you have a medical question while outdoors. Global Rescue operations centers are staffed by experienced nurses and paramedics across numerous medical specialties. Common inquiries include assistance for minor wounds, sprains, blisters, dehydration, etc.
What is Global Rescue field rescue?
Global Rescue provides, arranges and pays for rescue to the nearest appropriate medical facility if you get ill or injured outdoors and unable to get to safety on your own. Evacuation maximum is $5,000, however, many domestic rescues fall within this $5,000 maximum.
How do I access advisory or field rescue services?

With the BaseMap Global Rescue membership travelers will simply need to call the Global Rescue operations center via cellular phone at 617-459-4200 or send a text or email to when in the outdoors. For easy access, BaseMap users have direct contact to Global Rescue in the BaseMap app.

Will this work with my satellite connected communication device?
Your Global Rescue membership works with most satellite emergency communicators. Contact your device manufacturer directly for communication instructions.
Will Global Rescue reimburse me for medical costs incurred during a rescue?
Global Rescue is an emergency medical and rescue service, not insurance. To use your GR benefit, GR must be contacted directly to orchestrate the rescue. Costs incurred outside of the GR service cannot be submitted to GR after the fact if GR isn’t used.

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