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Mobile Hunt Planner

Mobile Hunt Planner

Advanced hunt planning on your mobile device
Coming early spring 2024

Unit Filtering

Hunt Planner Double Phone Map View and Filter Screen.png
Quickly find the best hunts for your hunting goals. Filter units by state, species, hunt type, residency, weapon, harvest success, public land, trophy quality, and more.

Draw Odds

Hunt Planner Draw Odds Double Phone.png
Know exactly what hunt to apply for. View draw odds at any point level, see minimum points
required in each unit, point trends over time, and more

Harvest Success

Hunt Planner Harvest Data.png
Hunt Planner Harvest Success Isolated.png
Quickly narrow down hunts that have the best success rates. View harvest trends over time, days hunted, and harvest counts 

Unit Insights

Hunt Planner Unit Score.png
Unit Header Details.png
Tap on any unit to view detailed information including trophy quality, public land %, unit scores, access, and more

Sort and Rank

Hunt Planner Sort Units and Hunts Double Phone.png
Sort and rank hunts based on draw odds, harvest success, trophy quality, and more
...and much more

Coming soon

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