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A little more about our biggest GearDrop item, ever - the @bakcoulife Storm Ebike:  The full-suspension Storm G2 was designed and engineered around the unparalleled power and performance of Bafangs ULTRA mid-drive motor. The Ultra motor is widely recognized as the “diesel engine” of mid-drive motors! For this reason, the rear suspension of the Storm G2 had to be just as heavy-duty, in order to handle all of this torque and power without causing the frame to flex under intense loads.  The all metal, heavy-duty gearing, of the Ultra motor, combined with the intelligence of an integrated torque sensor, make the Ultra motor the most capable, durable, and efficient motor on the planet and now there is a full-suspension bike to handle it.  The Ultra motor is also referred to as a “smart motor”. The speed, cadence, shift, brake, and torque sensors provide continuous feedback from the rider to the motor.  This allows the motor to deliver exactly what you ask. What you get, is a very natural feeling ride, even while providing a tremendous amount of torque and power output.  Play GearDrop for a chance to win!  • Download BaseMap
• Read the hints
• Unlock Markers
• Place your Markers  #basemap #basemaphunt #geardrop #bakcoulife #bakcou #bakcouebikes #ebikes
Congrats to our friends over at @kifaru_intl for getting it done at 10k + feet! 🏹  @tort_life_ 
@aron_snyder  #archerydeer #bowhunting #highcountry #kifaru #basemap #basemaphunt #ownyourhunt
In our latest article, learn how to effectively e-scout for Mule Deer using BaseMap PRO.  Read now ⬆️ [link in our bio]  #basemap #basemaphunt #ownyourhunt #muledeer #escouting #deerhunting #gpsmaps #digitalmapping #huntingseason

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