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A pair of 💰2,899.00 @leicahunting Geovid PRO 10x32 binoculars are up for grabs during this month’s GearDrop!
Simply download the app (it’s free) and start unlocking/placing markers today!
Link in bio 🔗
#leicaoptics #leicahunting #geardrop #basemap #basemaphunt #huntinggear #binoculars
A new GearDrop starts… now!
The grand prize winner will receive a pair of the new @leicahunting Geovid Pro 10x32 binoculars! A $2,899.00 value.
Simply open the app and tap on the GearDrop icon to play - or tap on the link in our bio 🔗
Good luck! 🍀
#basemap #basemaphunt #leicahunting #binoculars #ownyourhunt
3 Must-Know Turkey Behaviors 🦃
Each day a turkey goes through an instinctual pattern of behavior.
In our latest article, we’ll take you through this behavior starting at sun-up and ending at sun-down. 
Knowing a turkey’s behavioral patterns will help you know where to find them, how to call them, and eventually how to bag a big ‘ole tom.
Read the full article by tapping on the [link in our bio].
#turkeyhunting #springturkeyhunting #tomturkey #wildturkey #ownyourhunt #basemap #basemaphunt

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