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XDR Navigation

Know your eXact, Direction and Range

Landownership Maps

See exactly where private land stops and public land begins.

Hunting Maps

Know when, where and what to hunt.


Track vital wind data for your hunt

Offline Mapping

No Cell Coverage, We’ve Got an App For That.


SmartMarkers™ are your window into understanding patterns with your hunts.

Public & Private Land Ownership Maps

Parcel Boundaries and Landowner Names

Boundaries are crucial for the safety and ethical responsibility of every person who enjoys the outdoors. See exactly where private land stops and public land begins. View detailed land owner information including clear boundaries, owner name, parcel size and more.

High-Speed Offline Maps

Use Offline Maps Wherever You Are

Create an offline map in BaseMap® before heading out on your adventure. You’ll have full access to the maps and layers you cache once you’re out of service. Cache a single offline map at a time with BaseMap Basic or unlimited offline maps with BaseMap Pro.

XDR Navigation

BaseMap®‘s New XDR Navigation Feature

Know your Exact, Direction and Range with XDR Navigation allowing you to safely navigate and stay en route to your destination while in the field.

Hyper-Accurate Wind Data

Getting to know the new HuntWind™ Feature

Keep track of vital wind date now and in the future, removing the guesswork when you’re in the field.

Global Rescue

Global Rescue Comes to BaseMap®

BaseMap® has partnered with Global Rescue to offer our users access to field rescue services. When you purchase Global Rescue you are eligible to receive medical advisory and rescue services while in the field.


Better Preparation Leads to Greater Success

A full suite of weather tools let you plan your next outdoor adventure. Access temperature, barometric pressure, moon phase, sunrise/sunset, wind, and more. Combine that with our patent pending SmartMarkers™ feature and you’ll automatically capture and record these weather conditions at the time you add a marker or record a trail. SmartMarkers™ are your window into understanding patterns with your hunts to bring you more success in the outdoors.

Hunt Research

Season Dates, Species Range Maps & More

Quickly see where hunters are having the most success. View detailed season dates for each hunting unit. Know exactly when you can hunt, the weapon options available, quotas and more. BaseMap® is taking the guesswork out of your next hunt, one layer at a time.

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Public/Private Lands

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All 50 States

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Import & Export Data

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Live Location Sharing

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800+ Layers

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Weather Center

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