All-in-one app for the outdoors

BaseMap can help with all your GPS mapping needs. This innovative mapping app is made to be all-in-one, so whether you are using it as a hunting app, fishing app, hiking app or just a mapping app in general, you will find what you need all in one place. Plan, navigate and share all your outdoor adventures with ease. Don’t get lost in the great outdoors — Own the Outdoors!

Turn your phone into a GPS

A mapping system you already carry

With BaseMap, there is no need for expensive GPS devices. Why not bring along the device you already carry with you? With our offline maps feature, you can even use the app when you’re not in areas of service. Transform your phone into a GPS mapping system with BaseMap.

Plan your activity

Spend less time planning and more time outdoors

No matter what you love doing outdoors, BaseMap has you covered. With more than 325,000 miles of trails and more than 700 activity-specific map layers, you’re sure to find exactly what you need. Focus on what you want to do, let us worry about the how.

No Service? There’s an app for that

Use offline maps around the globe

Use BaseMap just about anywhere in the world. View satellite imagery, topography and map overlays even when you don’t have a data connection. Simply create an offline map before you leave service and BaseMap will do the rest. Know exactly where you are at all times.

Share Your Location

Stay safe when you stay connected

Share your location with your friends anywhere you have a data connection. They can find you in case of emergency, or see your progress as you climb the next mountain. Need to share a marker? It’s as easy as sending a text!

Keep An Outdoor Journal

Log every unforgettable moment

The Outdoor Journal is a whole new way to chronicle your outdoor adventures. Turn your Markers, Tracks, and Photos into Journal Logs, which you can keep for your own private records or share with followers. Build your community by following your friends or your favorite activities .

Access Public and Private Lands

Parcel Boundaries and Landowner Names

Boundaries are crucial for the safety and ethical responsibility of every person who enjoys the outdoors. See exactly where private land stops and public land begins. View detailed land owner information including clear boundaries, owner name, parcel size and more.

3D Earth

See every detail

Welcome to the new era of digital mapping. Officially announcing BaseMap 3D Earth for iOS. View hi-res, 3D satellite imagery, map overlays and terrain details all within the app. As close to boots on the ground as you can get! 

Hundreds of activity specific map layers

With hundreds of map layers to choose from, BaseMap gives you the information you need to plan your next outdoor adventure. Whether you’re planning a hunt, a fishing trip, a hike, a camping trip, or just checking land boundaries, BaseMap has you covered.

Find favorite locations with one click

With BaseMap’s innovative Flyback technology, you have a shortcut to your next adventure and quick access to memories from previous journeys. Choose locations on the map you want to return to, name them and instantly relocate them.

Make your mark

Add a photo or map pin anywhere on your map. Add a photo of a waterfall or wildlife. Mark your vehicle or trailhead. Easily customize your markers with custom names, notes and icons.

Synchronize on all devices

A cross-platform experience

BaseMap works across a variety of devices, catering to your unique needs. Confidently navigate the outdoors without technological limitations.

Nationwide Parcel Boundaries

Hybrid 3D Map View

Save Favorite Locations

GPS Location

GPS Tracking

Use on Mobile, Tablet, or Web

Sync Data Across All Devices

Multiple Topo and Imagery Options

1 Offline Map

50 Total User Objects

Includes Basic Features

Nationwide Owner Names

Color Coded Govt Lands

3D Earth (iOS Only)

Hundreds of Map Layers

Google Earth Integration

In-App Location Sharing

Unlimited Offline Maps

Unlimited Photos

Unlimited Markers

Unlimited Tracks

Import/Export Data

Upgrade to Pro

Desktop Hunt Planner

Unit Filtering

Nationwide Season Dates

Western Big Game Harvest Data

The only mapping app you’ll ever need

No matter what you do in the outdoors, BaseMap has you covered. Check out some of the features in detail so you know exactly what you’re getting.

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