ZEISS V4 Rifle Scope Review


Hunters, bird watchers, and outdoor enthusiasts all know the name ZEISS and the fact that it stands for quality in the world of optics. ZEISS is trusted to provide exceptionally clear glass in a rugged package that can handle the abuses that people in the field put their glass through. Hunters are known to expose their optics to some of the worst conditions imaginable but not every brand can withstand the rigors of a hunting season. When you get your one shot at the trophy of a lifetime, many hunters trust ZEISS riflescopes.

ZEISS Sports Optics began redesigning their entire rifle scope line up a few years ago and launched their Conquest V4 lineup in 2017. While ZEISS didn’t try to reinvent the wheel, they packed a lot of features in their new entry level V4. Hunters have many models to pick from for various types of guns and hunting. While most hunters feel that entry level scopes are in the $300 price range, the ZEISS Conquest V4 starts at $949. There are many that believe you should spend as much or more on a scope than you do on a rifle.

Designed and engineered in Germany and manufactured in Japan, the Conquest V4 should be one of the first scopes a hunter or shooter considers when they purchase their new rifle. It features a 4x zoom ratio, 30mm tube, and 4 different sizes and zoom ranges. Each model delivers 90% light transmission and most models feature .25 MOA click values.

The ZEISS Conquest V4 comes in a 24, 44, 50, and 56mm objective. Zoom ranges are 1-4, 3-12, 4-16, and 6-24. These sizes and zoom ranges provide enough options for everybody from tactical shooters to long range hunters. The 1-4×24 is the only scope that has a .50 MOA adjustment. The .25 MOA scopes allow for even more precise adjustments when sighting in the scope or when using the external elevation turrets.

The Conquest V4 currently only has second focal plane reticle options but also boasts 9 different reticle options. These include various ballistic reticles, illuminated options, and their new Thin-line reticle options for shooters that don’t want reticles to interfere with the target. These reticle options paired with the external elevation turret system found on most of the V4 rifle scopes make for a lethal combination on top of your favorite rifle.

The external elevation turret system provides a solid ballistic stop that will always return your reticle to zero. Tracking with this turret system is very exact and will allow a shooter to have confidence that they know where their bullet is going prior to pulling the trigger. Depending on the model you pick, the V4 has 70-100 MOA elevation adjustment. When paired with the ZEISS Hunting app, users can configure custom ballistics and let the app tell you how many clicks to turn the turret prior to making the shot. All the V4 scope feature a capped windage turret and a few models have capped elevation turrets.

The optical performance on the Conquest V4 can’t be beat at this price point. The proprietary ZEISS T* light transmission coating along with the LotuTec protective coating make this glass some of the best in the industry. 90% light transmission will give a hunter a few extra minutes at dusk and dawn to see their target. All of this is packed into a compact and lightweight rifle scope.

One talking point with optics right now are the warranties that companies provide on their products. ZEISS offers a Five-Year No Fault Warranty. No matter how the scope is damaged in the first five years, ZEISS will repair or replace at no cost to the consumer. After that, ZEISS offered a Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty. ZEISS designs their products to last a lifetime and they stand behind that.

If you are in the market for a new rifle scope, don’t overlook the various options that ZEISS offers. While the almost $1000 price tag will scare people way, you shouldn’t go cheap on a scope for a rifle. A scope is more likely to fail in the field than your rifle. So, you want to have something reliable mounted on top of your favorite hunting rig. The ZEISS Conquest V4 is a great option and can be trusted at the moment of truth.

Ed Gramza is an Ambassador for ZEISS Sports Optics

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