Zeiss Terra ED 10×42 Binoculars Review


Still looking for high quality binoculars that won’t break the bank? The Zeiss Terra HD binoculars can deliver exactly what you need for any type of hunt. Don’t let “entry level” scare you away. The weight and compactness without compromising clarity and durability is what set the Terra’s apart from any other entry level binocular on the market.

These binoculars are offered in an 8 and 10 power with a 25, 32 or 42 mm lens diameter.
I personally own the 10×42 model and use them whitetail hunting in Michigan during archery and firearm season. Where they really excel is elk hunting in Montana. I was honestly a little nervous bringing “entry level” binoculars on an archery elk hunt out west. The first time I held them up and glassed the next ridge, I knew these would deliver everything I needed in glass without breaking the bank – which was a big win with the husband.

Elk hunting can be tricky when it comes to optics; you want clarity and durability but keeping weight in mind. If you’re like me, you want all of that without having to burn an entire paycheck (or two) on optics. Spotting scopes are nice but hunting elk means being as mobile and as lightweight as possible most of the time. At 5.6 inches in length and weighing only 25.6 ounces the Terra 10×42’s are about as compact and lightweight as you can get. The lens quality wasn’t overlooked either. Glassing during the low light early morning or evening hours is never a problem with 88% light transmission. The field of view at 1,000 yards is 330 feet so you’re sure to catch anything moving across ridges. If you need some extra stabilization the 42 mm models are also tripod compatible.
These binoculars have been put through the wringer the last couple years. They’ve been rained on, snowed on, dropped, kicked around and dropped in mud and they still perform like they’re brand new. Even though it’s unlikely I’ll use it, Zeiss offers a limited lifetime transferable warranty as well.

The Zeiss Terra ED binoculars should not be overlooked if you’re in the market for compact, durable, and quality binoculars.

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