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HuntWind™ Features:

Every whitetail hunter has felt it. Sitting in your stand, you watch as a buck slowly works a scrape line. His head is down and he inches closer to being in range. Then, the hair on your neck bristles as that fall wind changes direction. The buck’s nose goes into the air and he is gone faster than he appeared. Wind is the single most important factor when big game hunting. You may fool a mature whitetail’s eyes and ears, but you will never fool its nose. Slip-ups are not an option when playing the wind, and that’s why BaseMap’s newest feature, HuntWind™, has removed the guesswork when it comes to this important factor.

Keep track of vital wind data such as:

Ideal Wind Conditions

Wind Forecasts

Visualized Wind Direction

Treestand Markers

Exact Time To Hunt Stand

Realtime Wind Data

Green Means Go.

Big bucks don’t grow old by living in easy to target areas. An elusive, mature buck often makes a career, living in areas with swirling and unpredictable wind, keeping him out of sight and off the ground.

The key to drawing your bow back may be the brief periods when the wind is perfect and HuntWind will tell you that exact time. HuntWind’s color coded wind indicators, will show you the exact moment when your specific winds are perfect for sitting in the stand. Just like checking the wind for the proper direction, you can also set a marker on your stand and program that marker for your desired wind direction.

Your marker will actually then glow green or red signifying if the wind is right (green) for hunting, or not (red), based on your preferences.

You can have a great spot but if you have bad wind it’s gonna be a tough hunt. I love the new HuntWind feature on BaseMap!
— Michael Waddell | Bone Collector

Hear what Michael Waddell of Bone Collector has to say about HuntWind™ from BaseMap

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