Own Your Hunt

Planning the details of your hunt has never been easier. Simply turn on a unit layer for whatever state and species you are interested in and have instant access to detailed season dates and past season harvest data.

Access Public and Private Lands

Parcel Boundaries and Landowner Names

Boundaries are crucial for the safety and ethical responsibility of every person who enjoys the outdoors. See exactly where private land stops and public land begins. View detailed land owner information including clear boundaries, owner name, parcel size and more.

Know WHAT to hunt

Harvest Success

Quickly see where hunters are having the most success. Detailed graphs show harvest success rates, weapon success rates and historical success rates.


Know WHEN to Hunt

Season Dates

View detailed season dates for each hunting unit. Know exactly when you can hunt, the weapon options available, quotas and more.

Nationwide Coverage

Know Where to Hunt

Species Range Maps

Knowing where the wildlife lives is an important detail when you are planning your next hunt. Our Habitat Range layers will show you exactly where your quarry lives in the unit you are hunting. BaseMap® is taking the guesswork out of your next hunt, one layer at a time. Turn on layers for wildfires and timber cuts for additional helpful planning information.

Know how to plan your hunt

Desktop Hunt Planner

Use the Desktop Hunt Planner to filter important information like tag type, units, species, sex, weapon and season start and end dates. This powerful tool will also give you harvest data information like harvest success for different weapons. This information is also available on your mobile device with the purchase of a Hunt Research subscription, but the ability to filter is a desktop feature. Get Hunt Research for only $9.99 per year for nationwide information.

BaseMap is more fun with friends

Share your location and add friends

Check out the all-new social features that allow you to add friends. Enjoy real-time location sharing anywhere you have a connection. Find each other with the click of a button and make your adventure that much more worthwhile and safe.

Additional Features

We Want You To Have Every Tool Necessary To Own The Outdoors


Take or upload photos and save them to any map location. Give them custom names and descriptions, and easily find and reference your photos later.


Use shapes to highlight an area or measure distances. You can choose from polygons, lines or circles. Save your shapes with custom names.

Favorite Locations

Have quick access to locations on the map you want to return to, name them and instantly relocate them with a click of a button.

“I have been using BaseMap for several seasons now, having access to property boundaries, BLM and other important landmarks has been key to my success. Having this in the field is a vital part of my gear.”
“Got my moose tag in the mail today! Thanks BaseMap for helping me find a good Idaho unit!”
“Found this unit with BaseMap and then drew my moose tag! Expecting big things out of this year!”

The only mapping app you’ll ever need

No matter what you do in the outdoors, BaseMap has you covered. Check out some of the features in detail so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Quickly and Easily Mark a Location That You Would Like to Reference Later

Adding markers is a great way to quickly reference points on the map like your atv, camp, or a favorite trailhead. You can name your marker or choose from preloaded specific icons. Customize your marked locations by adding a name and notes. With BaseMap®, your marked locations are easy to find and edit.

Find Your Favorite Locations With a Click of a Button

We’ve taken the guesswork out of saving your favorite locations, giving you a shortcut to your next adventure and quick access to memories from your previous journeys. Choose spots you’d love to return to, name them, and instantly relocate them with a click of a button – no more searching the map for a dropped pin. With BaseMap® you can save an unlimited number of favorite locations and find any of them with ease.

Upgrade To BaseMap® Pro

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Choose Your Pro Subscription

Pro Bundle Features:

Public/Private Lands
Offline Maps
All 50 States
3D Maps (iOS Only)
Import & Export Data
Live Location Sharing
800+ Layers
Remote Marking


Hunt Research ($10 Value)
Field Rescue By ($90 Value)

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