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Plan Your Hike
Planning and researching your next hiking adventure has never been easier. Use our Hybrid 3D Imagery to see exactly what the terrain will look like, and choose from hundreds of layers to get information on land ownership boundaries and hiking trails. Own Your Hike, and spend less time trying to plan and more time outdoors.

Planning your next hike has never been easier

At BaseMap we are committed to making your outdoor adventures easier to plan. Use our nationwide hiking trails layer to see exactly where you want to go next. Our Hybrid 3D Imagery will give you a detailed view of what your hike will look like, and you'll have the ability to Own Your Hike every time.

Coverage Area:
Coverage Area:

Find your next adventure

Whether you're going on a road trip or just taking in the sights, our Nationwide Points of Interest layer will help you find the places you've always to see. Detailed maps and accurate POI information will make your adventure one to remember.

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Coverage Area:

Know The Boundaries

Boundaries are crucial for the safety and ethical responsibility of every person who enjoys the outdoors. Our mission is to enhance the outdoor experience for everyone. With BaseMap you will never question where you stand or where you should be headed next. See clear boundary lines between public and private land parcels. This layer will help you plan, research and navigate your next hike.

Coverage Area:
Coverage Area:

See Every Detail

Hybrid 3D Imagery

If you aren’t prepared for the terrain, you aren't prepared.

Take advantage of Basemap's unique Hybrid 3D mapping system to see the detailed landscape – from a gentle grade to a rugged climb – that lies between you and your destination. Our technology allows you to plan your hike you’re on ahead of time. The benefit? More detail with less device battery drainage for the ultimate outdoor mapping experience.

A Cross-Platform Experience

Synchronized Across All Devices

Basemap works across a variety of devices, catering to your unique needs. Confidently navigate the outdoors without technological limitations.

Understanding Public and Private Lands

Boundaries are crucial for the safety and ethical responsibility of every person who enjoys the outdoors.

Our mission is to enhance the outdoor experience for everyone. With BaseMap you will never question where you're at, or where you should be headed next. Public land maps are available with layers to show you details like hiking trails and nationwide lakes and rivers. Private land maps show the name of the landowner and clear boundary lines.

View coverage details here

Hundreds of Outdoor Specific Layers

Maps for all outdoor activities.

With hundreds of map layers to choose from, BaseMap gives you the information you need to plan your next outdoor adventure. Wether you're planning a hike, a camping trip, or checking land boundaries, BaseMap has you covered.

Find your favorite locations with a click of a button

We’ve taken the guesswork out of relocating your favorites, giving you a shortcut to your next adventure.

Choose spots you'd love to return to, name them, and instantly relocate them with a click of a button – no more searching the map for a dropped pin. With BaseMap you can save an unlimited number of favorite locations and find any of them with ease.

Customize your map with markers and photos

Adding markers is a great way to quickly reference points on the map like your atv, camp, or a favorite trailhead.

You can name your marker or choose from preloaded specific icons. Customize your marked locations by adding a name and notes. With BaseMap, your marked locations are easy to find and edit.

Additional Features

We want you to have every tool necessary to Own The Outdoors


Here at BaseMap we want you to be able to create memories outdoors and re-live them as often as possible. Our photos feature allows you to take or upload a photo and save it on the map. You can save your photo to any map location, give it a custom name and description, and easily find and reference your photos any time you want to.


Our shapes feature allows you to highlight an area or measure distance in areas. You can choose from a polygon, a line, or a circle. Just tap on the map where you would like to add a point, and we do the rest. To create a circle use your crosshairs to create a centerpoint on the map, pinch the screen to choose the diameter, and save your shapes with a custom name.

Offline Maps

Even without cell service you can access your maps, layers, and other BaseMap features. Before you are out of cell service range choose an area that you want to map. You can choose low, medium or high resolution based on your needs and how much detail you would like to see on your cached maps.You can also cache layers to use with your saved maps.

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