Own the Water

Whether you’re looking for a hidden lake, a high mountain trout stream or you just want to be sure you can hike through public land to access your favorite fishing spot, BaseMap® has you covered.

Your phone is your best fishing tool

Spend less time planning and more time fishing

Check out BaseMap®’s lakes, rivers, streams and points of interest layers to plan your day on the water. Record trolling routes and set markers for where you caught fish or got a bite. Know exactly where to cast your line with BaseMap®‘s water depth layers.

Nationwide Coverage

Get to know the area before you fish it

Nationwide fishing maps

BaseMap®’s fishing layers will help you identify any lake, rivers and streams throughout the country. When used with the nationwide parcel boundaries layer, you will see who owns the land surrounding any water body. With BaseMap®, it’s easy to find boat ramps and water access points with the Nationwide Water Access layer. Find fishing license vendors locations, fishing piers, fish cleaning stations, fish attractors and bait shops with the Nationwide Fishing Points of Interest layer.

Nationwide Coverage

Water depth layers are a game changer

Bathymetry layers for water depths and underwater structures

Check out BaseMap®’s water depth layers. They’re your ticket to finding the best fishing spots and knowing exactly where to cast your line. Own Your Catch with this powerful fishing tool.

No Service? There’s an app for that

Use offline maps wherever you are

From high altitude mountain streams full of trout to backwoods fishing for river monsters, we’ve got you covered. Create an offline map in BaseMap® before you hit the water. You’ll have full access to the maps and layers you cache once you’re out of service. Cache a single offline map at a time with BaseMap® Basic or unlimited offline maps with BaseMap® Pro.

Know the boundaries

Fishing public and private waters

Boundaries are crucial for the safety and ethical responsibility of every person who enjoys the outdoors. Our mission is to enhance the outdoor experience for everyone. With BaseMap®, never again question where you fish. See clear boundary lines between public and private land parcels. This layer will help you plan, research and navigate your next fishing trip.

Additional Features

We Want You To Have Every Tool Necessary To Own The Outdoors


Take or upload photos and save them to any map location. Give them custom names and descriptions, and easily find and reference your photos later.


Use shapes to highlight an area or measure distances. You can choose from polygons, lines or circles. Save your shapes with custom names.

Favorite Locations

Have quick access to locations on the map you want to return to, name them and instantly relocate them with a click of a button.

The only mapping app you’ll ever need

No matter what you do in the outdoors, BaseMap® has you covered. Check out some of the features in detail so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Upgrade To BaseMap® Pro

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Choose Your Pro Subscription

Pro Bundle Features:

Public/Private Lands
Offline Maps
All 50 States
3D Maps (iOS Only)
Import & Export Data
Live Location Sharing
800+ Layers
Remote Marking


Hunt Research ($10 Value)
Field Rescue By ($90 Value)

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