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Jun 24, 2021 | BaseMap App | 6 comments

Before electronics, humans used the sun, stars, horizon, landmarks, ocean winds, seasons, and rudimentary instruments with extraordinary exatism over extreme distances to arrive at a location. Captain James Cook sailed the globe for years at a time, traveling tens-of-thousands of miles while landing beat up wooden ships like the Endeavour at predetermined locations with precision.

Considering this, it might feel a little silly when you glass up a shed antler two canyons away, hike over to pick it up, only to find out it isn’t where you thought it was an hour earlier just to spend the next half-day trying to find it.

It is kind of embarrassing but modern humans cannot navigate well, even under seemingly simple situations.

Why Navigation Mode
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With a desire to continue to provide the most useful GPS and mapping tools for hunters and outdoorsmen alike, and especially wanting to enhance hunter safety and quarry recovery, we introduce you BaseMap’s New industry-leading XDR (Exact Direction & Range) Navigation Feature.

BaseMap’s new Navigation feature is the most technologically advanced and one-of-a-kind way to navigate. Below is a list of key features users love in our new XDR Navigation Feature and a few examples of how you might use it in the field.

Quick & Simple Navigation

Glance and Go

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For those of you who love to keep it simple, this is for you. We wanted the new Navigation Mode to be as simple and fool-proof as possible. No need to set or save anything. It is as simple as tapping on the navigation mode button and pointing your phone in the direction you want to go – so easy a child could use it.

When you tap and open the navigation mode the XDR line appears on your map. All you need to do is point the XDR line in the direction or location you want to go and start trekking. Using the XDR Navigation Feature in this way makes it the easiest, most effective navigation tool available.

Imagine packing out an elk where every step counts under the extreme weight. In literal seconds you can tap on the “My Location” button, point the arrow at your truck marker and go, glancing at your phone every once and a while to stay on course. No drawing lines, no bearing to set, and no needing to click on your marker. Just glance and go with ease and precision.

Advanced Navigation

Tap, Point, Then Set Your Bearing

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Our new Navigation Mode, quite frankly, could lead the most directionally challenged person to their desired destination with ease. This navigation Mode is the industry-leading tool to get you from point A to point B easily, quickly, accurately, and safely. Set your bearing and follow, it is that easy. This feature is unique to BaseMap Pro.

Simply open the app and double tap on the navigation bubble to bring up your XDR compass. Point your compass at your desired destination be it your truck, camp or an elk shed you glassed up, and set your bearing. As your hike towards your destination BaseMap will indicate with a green “On Course” text if you are on the right path, or a red arrow pointing towards the needed course correction if you are straying. Your compass arrow will also tell you how far you are from your marked destination.

Go-To Mode
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Everyone likes to use tools in their own way – which is why we provided users multiple ways to use the XDR Navigation Tool. Another way to easily and simply use the XDR Mode is to open one of your previously placed SmartMarkers™ and tap “Go-To”. BaseMap will then automatically set your bearing and give you the needed direction and distance to travel. Just like that. Simple, easy, and automatic.



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To top it all off, BaseMap’s Navigation mode is the most accurate mapping feature on the market, getting you within one degree of your destination. This becomes hyper-critical when navigating legal boundaries between public and private land – keeping you legal, in-the-know, and providing you with peace of mind.
No Service? No Problem
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Just like most of our other key features, the best part is it is fully functional while out of cell service. Not “kind of” functional or “partially” functional – FULLY FUNCTIONAL no matter where you are and what cell phone signal you have.
A Few Ways XDR Navigation is Changing the Game
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Earlier in the article we talked about a couple of common ways this app is going to change the way you hunt. The truth is, the way you use BaseMap Pro’s XDR Navigation Mode could be endless. Here are a few more ways the BaseMap Pro Staff have put the Navigation Mode to use.
Plan and execute stalks using the scale bar by matching up landmarks so you know the most precise route and distance between you and your target buck.
Finding a downed buck or bull after the shot can turn into a treasure hunt. If you have harvested enough animals you more than likely can relate this situation. You shoot from across the canyon making a good shot and knocking your animal down. You then hike over to where you thought it was, only to search for the next few hours because your internal compass was, well, wrong. Rather than rely on your internal compass, use BaseMap Navigation Mode to precisely navigate to your kill.


Navigate public/private land boundaries with greater accuracy. Not all boundaries are clearly marked and by using this super accurate navigation mode you can feel confident in the legality of where you are hunting and traveling. We mentioned this earlier but we cannot emphasize enough how accurate this is. Accuracy to one degree. As they say, confidence kills, and being confident as you move around broken up private/public land will help you accomplish your goals.
Hunting up until the last glimmer of daylight is essential to harvesting game. This means you will be traveling back to your camp, vehicle, or trailhead in the dark. Simply use the Navigation Mode to set your bearing in the direction of camp, truck, or any other marker and BaseMap will keep you true and on course.

How do you see BaseMap’s new XDR Navigation tool benefitting you?

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  1. Greatest! better than any gps I have ever used I truly love your latest feature right on!

  2. Glad you are enjoying the new XDR feature! Good luck this Fall, Charles!

  3. Many times in early morning fogs or a light rain, rangefinders just won’t work. This feature is perfect in getting a quick range on an animals location when other tools fail.

  4. I used this feature on a recent bear hunt and was extremely impressed with its ease of use and usefulness. When I was hiking out in the dark I never lost my path back to the trail. Good work!

  5. Went scouting today mainly off trail for the upcoming Archery season and I found myself identifying as directionally challenged for a couple of minutes. The new compass feature XDR quickly corrected my way. I just used took a bearing to my truck like a basic compass and followed that until I found my trail.

    Doing a little more homework after the fact, I can see even how much easier it could be by the “Go-To” feature instead.

    I do recommend taking a power bank along (and cables) if you are using the Basemap App heavily ( like I was) even on a day trip.

  6. No, Really. That’s Very Interesting

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