The Importance of Pre-Hunt Scouting

Tips & Tricks

by BaseMap Staff

Technology has a role in today’s scouting.

With more and more of hunters’ time being consumed by work, family and fast-paced lifestyles, the importance of pre-hunt scouting is greater than ever. What once required hours of in-the-field exploration and scouring maps has now become streamlined by smart software and satellite imagery. We now have the power to do most of our pre-hunt scouting from computers, smart phones or tablets.

BaseMap can help.

Using a few of the more than 700 map layers available through the BaseMap app, hunters can quickly locate game animals’ seasonal ranges, legal season dates, access points to land, game-holding habitat and terrain, and even land owners’ names and contact info for those seeking permission to hunt private lands.

BaseMap utilizes the now familiar Google Maps imagery for mapping. The intuitive interface and detailed images allow hunters to locate and mark areas of interest. From finding watering holes and visible game trails to marking prospective game travel corridors and neighboring food sources, BaseMap is an indispensable tool.

Be prepared.

Being prepared for the terrain of the landscape is essential to a successful hunt. Use BaseMap’s hybrid 3D imagery and detailed topographic mapping or check out the brand-new Google Earth feature. Click on any of your markers to pull up the Google Earth button, give it a click and be transported to that exact location in the Google Earth app. There, see the landscape in true 3D so you know exactly what to expect.

Measure distances.

Another useful function of BaseMap is the ability to precisely measure distances between two points or find the acreage of a particular area. Knowing the distance along with the terrain can help better judge travel times from point to point.

Navigate public lands.

While many hunters either own or lease land to hunt, there are a great number of hunters who rely on public lands to pursue their game. With BaseMap Nationwide Parcel Ownership, Nationwide Government Lands and Nationwide Designated Wilderness Areas, hunters know exactly where to find public lands along with access points.

Boone and Crockett Records layers.

Hunters looking for a wall hanger can take advantage of the Boone and Crockett Records layer. Once overlaid on the map, simply click each county to display how many B&C trophies have been taken. This layer can quickly narrow down areas that are known to hold larger game.

With innovative advances in technology and information sharing, today’s scouting reaches a new pinnacle and BaseMap brings together critical information to get the most from time spent in the field.

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