State, County, Legal and USGS Topo Quadrant Boundary Layers Added


by BaseMap Staff

BOTHELL, Wash. (August 20, 2018) – BaseMap announces updates to enhance outdoor planning, research and navigation. Effective immediately for all BaseMap Basic and Pro users are four new layers designed to facilitate detailed planning for that next outdoor adventure.

Finding a specific non-local position need not be a challenge with these new layers. State and county boundaries for all 50 states aid in zeroing in on a destination, which is especially critical in states where harvest quotas differentiate by the county. Township, range and section boundaries are now available, providing invaluable information when looking for a specific legal location.

To narrow a search and communicate USGS information, the USGS Topo Quad layer offers quadrant labels for 250k-, 100k- and 24k-grid boundaries. A typical USGS topo map is based on the 24k, also known as the 7.5-minute, grid.

It is critical for today’s hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to know their location when afield. BaseMap’s many layers give users multiple options for planning and navigation to safely trek elements.

For maximum performance, the $29.99/year BaseMap Pro upgrade includes nationwide Parcel Boundary and Parcel Ownership information, for both private and government ownership, to aid in planning and execution of outdoor activities. For more detailed hunting data, the $9.99 BaseMap Pro Hunt Research upgrade provides hunting information such as unit boundaries, season dates, harvest success, species range maps, watering sources and Boone and Crockett records.

Not a member of the BaseMap family? BaseMap is available on iOS and Android platforms, and on the BaseMap web app ( features tutorial videos and information on specific individual outdoor activities.

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BaseMap offers a comprehensive mapping solution for all outdoorsmen and women providing more than 700 layers of detailed mapping information from private and public land boundaries, when and where to hunt, fishing access, hiking trails, 4×4 routes, wildfire information and much more to help plan the next hunt, fishing trip or backcountry adventure.

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