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Mar 11, 2021 | Offline Maps | 0 comments

It’s no secret that offline maps are pivotal when hunting areas with little-to-no cell service. Said maps are equally important when exploring new territory – especially when you need to navigate public/private land boundaries off-grid.

With the importance of offline maps on our mind and wanting to enhance your offline map experience, we now introduce you to BaseMap’s NEW High-Speed Offline Maps!

Our High-Speed Offline Maps boast 5X faster map download speeds, enhanced organization, a cloud-based maps vault, multitasking, and a new user-friendly interface.

Lightning-Fast Map Downloads

Having to wait for a map to download takes up valuable time you could otherwise use doing something else. We get it. Which is why we have made downloading offline maps 4-5X faster! You’ll no longer need to wait minutes for a new map to download, but seconds instead.

Improved Functionality and User Friendly Interface

We’ve also made downloading offline maps easier and more functional. Here are a few of the new offline-map features:
agsdix-fas fa-check-circle

Multitask while downloading

(place markers, scan units, plan routes, etc..)
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Download multiple maps at once

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Update your maps with a simple tap

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Grab Maps From Your Maps Vault in a Jiff

We’ve now taken the worry out of needing to redownload a previously saved map if accidentally deleted or deleted due to needed storage space. Your offline map will now autosave to the cloud, aka your maps vault, to which you can grab at any moment so long as you have service (download it before you head out into the field). This also makes organizing your maps extremely easy. Simply keep your frequently used maps on your dash and stash your less-used maps for later. No more bogging up your device’s storage with wasted space.

In Conclusion

The new high-speed offline maps get you out in the field faster, allowing you to navigate more efficiently, giving you a better offline-mapping experience.
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