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Global Rescue Comes to BaseMap
The shot on the mountain goat ended like most shots on billies do. The snow-white critter tumbled from the rocky shelf, free falling into a desolate box canyon.

An old timer the hunting group bumped into earlier swore up and down that the canyon had a trail that contained a safe exit; however, it proved futile.

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After making the trek after the goat, it became obvious the route not only did not lead out of the mountains, but the steep rocks made it a dangerous route to take. Soon the hunters became “cliffed-out” unable to descend further and eventually reach the point of no return. The hunters were low on water and supplies as they had been hiking all day. Stranded. Only option was a rescue. It’s time to make that call.

Safety is Priority Number One
As hunters we accept that risk is an inevitable part of our trade. We often pursue specific species just for the chance to share spectacular, and often precarious, terrain with the animals we admire.

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On any mountain hunt, we at BaseMap believe filling your tag always comes second to making it back home safe and sound. That’s why BaseMap is thrilled to announce a brand new partnership with Global Rescue.
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World-Renowned Services
For over 15 years, Global Rescue has been the world’s leading provider of medical, security, evacuation and travel risk management services for groups and individuals. The organization provides the absolute best-in-class services that identify, monitor and respond to your medical and safety emergencies and they now offer similar services to BaseMap members.

What You Get
With the purchase of the Global Field Rescue, members are eligible to receive medical advisory and rescue services when in the wilderness. With one easy call the organization can provide emergency evacuations, rescues, and medical evaluations.

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Membership Features:

For $49.99 BaseMap users receive:

Access to Global Rescue Services Made Easy
The best part of purchasing Global Rescue through BaseMap is just how simple and easy access to emergency help is. As shown above, simply open the BaseMap app, go to “tools”, tap on “EMS”, choose “Contact Global Rescue”, after which you can choose to call, text, or send an email. If out of cell coverage, your Global Rescue membership through BaseMap is compatible with satellite messenger devices (Bivy, Spot, inReach, etc…)

Don’t Leave Home Without It
Purchasing Global Rescue Services through BaseMap is nothing more than an extension of your medical kit – which you should never leave for the mountains without. No matter the destination,  or length of your hunt,  making it home safe should always be your number one priority. As hunters, we will always accept the inherent risk of the places that call to us. Now thanks to BaseMap and Global Rescue, however, you and your family will find peace of mind so you can go farther and hunt harder.

A Word From The Team

Dear Valued Customer,

Here at BaseMap®, we’ve always been committed to bringing our customers the best features at the best price.

In that spirit, we’re excited to announce our new partnership with Global Rescue™, the leader in outdoor field rescue and field medical advisory services. Via this special partnership, we’ve been able to negotiate a phenomenal price for their services, exclusive to our BaseMap customers.

We designed BaseMap® to help you have a successful hunt, and now via Global Rescue, we can also help you return safe and sound to hunt again.

See below for our exclusive offering and pricing for this highly-requested service that can provide peace of mind for you and your loved ones while you’re following your passion.


The BaseMap Team

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