BaseMap 3D Earth for iOS. As close to boots on the ground as you can get.

3D Maps

by BaseMap Staff

Have you ever planned out a hike only to find the terrain was not what you expected? Or mapped out what appears to be the perfect hunting spot only to find it looks completely different in person?

Welcome to the new era of digital mapping, where users can view any location in three-dimensional detail, right from the comfort of their living room. With detailed 3D maps in the palm of your hand, plan adventures with even greater confidence.

BaseMap 3D Earth is available on the app for iOS users

View hi-res, 3D satellite imagery, map overlays and terrain details

Map overlays include specific layers that can be turned on and off, for example, Nationwide Hiking Trails. These layers can be viewed in 3D, which is so detailed that trails can be seen curving around boulders and trees or disappearing over the crest of a hill.

3D can be used to find landmarks and help users determine boundary lines and get their bearings. Users can also create custom markers and shapes and view them in the 3D mode.

Never Lose Your Way Again

It is critical for today’s hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to know their location when afield. BaseMap’s many layers give multiple options for planning and navigation to safely trek the elements.

For Maximum Performance

Upgrade your BaseMap account for more features. For more detail. For maximum performance.

Includes nationwide Parcel Boundary and Parcel Ownership information, for both private and government ownership, to aid in planning and execution of outdoor activities.

The BaseMap Pro Hunt Research upgrade provides hunting information such as unit filtering, season dates, and historic harvest success data for western big game states.

Not a member of the BaseMap family?

BaseMap is available on iOS and Android platforms, and on the BaseMap web app. features tutorial videos and information on specific individual outdoor activities.

BaseMap offers a comprehensive mapping solution for all outdoorsmen and women providing more than 700 layers of detailed mapping information from private and public land boundaries, when and where to hunt, fishing access, hiking trails, 4×4 routes, wildfire information and much more to help plan the next hunt, fishing trip or backcountry adventure.

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About BaseMap

BaseMap originally came onto the scene in April of 2016 and offered a mapping and hunt planning application that was user friendly and ahead of its time. With years of dedication and attention to detail, the re-launch of this exciting brand is giving outdoorsmen and women exactly what they need. This is a way for everyone to have an affordable tool that will be essential to every step of every outdoor adventure. The updated product features nationwide coverage with hundreds of layers including nationwide private parcel names and boundaries, nationwide lakes and rivers, habitat range information, hiking trails and much more. BaseMap’s vision is to empower everyone to Own The Outdoors.

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