7 Scent Control Tips for Whitetail Hunting

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A buck’s greatest protection against predators is its olfactory system, otherwise known as its sniffer. With up to 297 million olfactory receptors, almost 60 times more than a human, a whitetail deer truly lives and survives by their nose. In fact, a whitetail deer can differentiate a specific scent from thousands of others at one time. For a simple example, imagine yourself walking into the room when lasagna is being cooked. You immediately recognize the smell of lasagna as one scent. If a whitetail buck were to walk in the room it would recognize individual ingredients. The basil, the meat, the tomatoes, the mozzarella, the olive oil; each ingredient would be recognizable on its own. Their sense of smell functions in layers, it’s quite incredible if you think about it. When a buck stomps, blows ,and heads for cover, rest assured he picked up your presence through his nose.
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Whitetail deer have been mastering the craft of seeing the invisible through their nose for literally millions of years. Just as the ocean has currents moving in many directions and speeds, so does the atmosphere around you while hunting. A whitetail deer knows how to use these air currents in conjunction with its world class nose to detect the slightest amount of danger. When hunting mature bucks it is crucial to use proper wind and scent control practices in everything you do. If you don’t, you run the risk of blowing your one opportunity and chasing the buck onto a neighboring property.

1. Wear Rubber Boots

Wear rubber boots while in the field, whether it is during season or not. Rubber boots have a huge advantage in scent control over leather and synthetic. Rubber boots trap your foot odor inside the boot versus letting it out, plus you can tuck your pant legs into the rubber boots which reduces your scent when walking to and from your destination. Anytime you step on the property, always make sure to have rubber boots on.

2. Wash your Clothes in a Scent-Free detergent and air dry

Wash your hunting clothes in a scent free detergent and let them air dry outside completely ensuring you don’t get any mold or sour smell.

3. Store your Hunting Clothes in a Scent-free Container

Make sure your clothes are stored in a rubber-maid tote or some other scent free container. Try to keep the lid on as much as possible. Keeping your hunting clothes stored this way allows you to protect your clothes from unwanted odor that may be trying to get in or lingering around where your box is stored.

4. Shower with Scent-free Body Wash & Shampoo

Before going afield, be sure to shower and bathe using any scent-free body wash and shampoo. This will eliminate unwanted fragrant odor and bacteria that may be on you.

5. Dress and Undress in the Field

Having all of your hunting clothes stored in a scent-free container allows you to transport it in your truck easily when going to and from your hunting property. Always dress when you are ready to hit the woods, and undress as soon as you get out. Try to avoid wearing your hunting clothes anywhere else other than when you are hunting. Wearing your hunting clothes around a fire, to supper, around town, and filling up with gas can lead to strong, unwanted odors when you hit the field.

6. Spray down with Scent Control Spray

Once you are dressed and ready to hit the woods, be sure to spray down with scent control spray to get any unwanted odors out of your clothing and yourself. It also doesn’t hurt to carry your scent control spray to the stand and give yourself another good spray down.

7. Utilize Ozone Products

Ozone products have become very popular when it comes to scent elimination. There are now ozone products available that you can use in your hunting storage, in your vehicle, and while in the treestand to remove odors. These products are very effective, and a great way to eliminate unwanted odors. Just keep in mind that ozone is not good to breathe in, and can deteriorate elastic in your hunting clothes.

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