6 Must-Try Western OTC Turkey States – By the Numbers

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For hundreds-of-years, the hearts of men have ached for western lands. In the 17th century Christopher Jones led his band of religious outcasts west across the Atlantic Ocean to establish colonial America. During the 18th century, Daniel Boone traveled the Warriors Path to find and cross the Cumberland Gap, opening up unknown lands and setting the stage for civilization to push further west. During the 19th century, westward expansion saw mass movement of settlers with the Louisiana Purchase fueled by the Gold Rush fever, the Oregon Trail, and a belief in “manifest destiny.”

Although much of the West had been conquered today, the flame of adventure and opportunity still burns bright. Large expanses of woodlands, rangelands, deserts, and forests remain in the public domain awaiting modern explorers to leave civilized life behind, even if only for the weekend.

We chose six states, highlighting OTC public land turkey hunting opportunities awaiting turkey hunting dreamers. We categorized public lands using only Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Forest Service lands (USFS). We did this because these two land types are always open to the public for hunting. State lands, National Wildlife Refuge Lands, and other lands vary on management and hunter accessibility.

Using BaseMap Pro data layers, we overlaid the BLM and USFS ownership layers to OTC turkey hunting layers. We clipped these public lands to the OTC turkey hunting layer and came up with total acres of OTC opportunity on public lands (again, BLM and USFS lands). We also included important information like tag costs, season dates, youth hunts, and links to websites to purchase tags.

The best part about the below information is you can get most of it yourself by purchasing and using BaseMap’s Hunt Research tool.

Click here for Oregon Turkey Hunting Info & Tags
State of Utah
Click here for Utah Turkey Hunting Info & Tags
State of Idaho
Click here for Idaho Hunting Info & Tags
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State of Montana
Click here Montana Info & Tags
State of New Mexico
Click here for New Mexico Hunting Info & Tags
State of Colorado
Click here for Colorado Hunting Info & Tags

Head West For Turkeys

Like our ancestors, turkey hunters can look west for ample hunting opportunities. Western states have lots of turkeys on millions of acres of public land. Turkey numbers have been increasing for the last few decades and OTC opportunities have followed suit. Whether you’re a seasoned western hunter or looking for an opportunity to wet your feet, take advantage of these opportunities.

If you want more information on another turkey hunting state use the BaseMap Pro app or web-based map the same way we did to find a lot of this same data.

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