4 Ways 3D Maps Give You The Upper Hand

Aug 21, 2020 | 3D Maps | 0 comments

3D Maps for Scouting

Let’s face it, most of us have families and work which equate to limited time for activities such as
scouting. The time we are lucky enough to get off is usually allocated toward the actual hunt. E-scouting using 3D maps will give you a head and shoulder advantage over someone using 2D map apps or paper maps. Open BaseMap 3D on mobile to find not only routes you will want to take during the hunt, but to find pockets where big bucks and bulls will likely be. This will help you utilize your limited time wisely by having multiple areas and routes already pre-selected. Here’s a tip: if you already know where a big buck or bull is, find a pocket not visible by a road, trail or 2D maps and mark that as a secondary area where the animal could flee to for safety once the pressure of the hunt begins. Couple that with pinpointing different areas where animals live at different times of the year depending on date and elevations and you should have one killer plan!

3D Maps to Move Efficiently & Effectively

Part of a good hunting plan is laying the groundwork for getting in, and out, of a hunting area. The way you enter and exit your hunting spot is a basic principle, but something important others fail to consider. We all hear stories of hunters watching other hunters move through a basin in the worst possible way and watching those bucks head over the ridge never to be seen again. If you want to move undetected and increase your chance of success, use BaseMap 3D in these ways as you move in and out of your hunting spot.

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3D Maps For Route Decisions

Many of us have used GPS or mapping software to plan a hiking route only to find it is nothing as expected once you have boots on the ground. Two-dimensional maps just do not cut it for planning how to get in and out of an area anymore. Most paper and digital maps are flat – your hunting area is not.
BaseMap 3D allows you to actually see topography and landscape features as they are in the real world before ever having to navigate it on the ground. Rather than showing up and having a decent guess on how to best navigate into that basin or alpine meadow, you can use the BaseMap app with the 3D base layer to make a plan ahead of time. In 3D, you can see deep dark canyons, cliffs, gradual slopes, rocky hillsides, and other landscape features that were once only visible in the field.
This is advantageous in plotting out the safest, quietest, and stealthiest route in and out of where you want to hunt. You can plot and save the route on your map so you always have it. Having and seeing the best possible route ahead of time as it really is in 3D can save you from getting to your spot late, becoming cliffed-out, or sloppy loud hiking which will quickly frustrate you. Using BaseMap 3D can help you make decisions ahead of time so all you have to worry about is executing your hunting plan.

3D Maps for Scent Control

Being able to play the game of hiding your scent is one of the most important aspects of killing big bulls and bucks consistently. The biggest advantage big game has over the hunter is its nose. Making predictions about your scent based on BaseMap 3D maps is where this app can really shine when planning your entrance and exit strategies in your hunting area.

Using 3D maps allows you to see the macro (large scale) and micro (fine-scale) topography. Upslope and up valley winds occur during sunrise morning hours as valley air heats and rises. Downslope and down-valley winds occur during the sunset in the evening when cooling air sinks.

Understanding these basics of thermal winds and using BaseMap 3D, you can make generalized predictions on how wind will travel given the topography. This can greatly help you plan and plot out how to traverse in and out of your hunting area thus preventing that big buck or bull from smelling you and blowing him out of the drainage.

3D Maps Give You The Upper Hand

Getting in and out of your hunting area is something few hunters consider. Using BaseMap 3D maps to consider your path to and out of your hunting area can be part of a well-executed plan and might just give you the upper hand over someone who hasn’t thought it through.

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