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BaseMap was designed to help the avid outdoorsman swing the odds of success in their favor and maximize their time spent in the field. Beginning with pre-season scouting, to the actual hunt, and making it back safely, BaseMap is loaded with features to aid in every aspect of your hunt.

Two features in particular that are unique to BaseMap users are SmartMarkers and Live Location Sharing.


BaseMap’s patent-pending SmartMarkers are a game changers for the studious hunter. Any time you drop a marker, BaseMap takes a snapshot of the current weather factors and files that away for future reference anytime you revisit that marker. Some of these factors include temperature, wind speed and direction, barometric pressure, sunrise and sunset, and the current moon phase.

Having this information, and understanding what to do with it, will have a direct correlation to helping you become a more successful hunter. Animals are creatures of habit and weather plays a large role in an animal’s daily routine.

Whitetail hunters in specific have relied on these varying factors for years to establish patterns and optimize their time in the field. Slowly but surely, western big game hunters have begun to to pay more attention to these varying factors—and with good reason. As a full time hunting guide I have the opportunity to pursue deer, elk, antelope, and moose for close to 100 days each fall. Two years ago I skeptically downloaded an app that predicted daily animal movement based on the current moon phase and barometric pressure. The results pleasantly surprised me and taught me a valuable lesson. You can in fact predict an animal’s daily movement based on these outside factors that are taken every time you drop a marker in BaseMap. Studying your SmartMarkers will aid in your ability to pinpoint a pattern of your target buck or bull.

Another practical feature of BaseMap’s SmartMarkers, is the ability to know the current weather in your area no matter where you are. Simply drop a marker where you want to go, and the marker will gather the current information from the nearest weather station. This is valuable information for two reasons. One, you will be able to dress and layer appropriately for the current conditions in the field. Two, when combined with the new BaseMap HuntWind feature, you will know the best way to approach your hunting area. For example, If you are hunting a stand or draw that you know requires a north wind to be able to slip in and out undetected, you now have the ability to know that information before leaving home or camp. Learn more about the New HuntWind feature.

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Live Location Sharing

The Live location sharing capability is another feature that sets BaseMap apart from the competition. This feature allows you to see in real time where your hunting or fishing partner is located. First and foremost, the live location sharing feature provides an incredible safety net for you and those you are with. The ability to open your app and see where they are located, will either give you a piece of mind knowing where they are, or tell you right where to go in case of an emergency.

Live location sharing can also be used by a close friend or relative next time you head out on a solo trip. The ability for someone at home to see where you are in case something goes wrong is absolutely invaluable to you and your loved ones.

One caveat to keep in mind when using the live location sharing feature is that both users must have data service for this feature to work. If you don’t have data service, it will simply show a marker in the last place you had service.

These two features unique to BaseMap, combined with many others inside the app, arm the avid outdoorsmen with incredibly useful tools every time they enter the great outdoors.

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