BaseMap provides a unique way to save photos and memories of your outdoor adventures. Take or upload photos and save them to specific locations on the map. To get started, tap the plus sign on the bottom right corner on the main map screen. Tap the “Take Photo” icon to open the camera function on your device. Take a photo and tap “Use Photo” or tap “Upload photo from library” to use one you’ve already taken. A photo icon will appear on the map at your location, or you can choose anywhere on the map to pin the photo. Name or add notes to your photo, then click “Save”. To access photos you’ve collected, go to the main map page and tap on the tab at the bottom of the screen then tap “Photos”. Here you can delete, edit or rename the photos in your collection.

Enjoy saving unlimited photos with BaseMap Pro. With Basic, you are limited to 50 total user objects which include photos, offline maps, shapes, markers and tracks.

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