Map Layers

Layers are options you can choose from to see different types of information displayed on your maps. With BaseMap, you have hundreds to choose from with more than 325,000 miles of trails and more than 700 activity-specific map layers. On the main map screen you will find the layer menu at the top right, under the North pointer. When you tap the layer icon you will find options for layers you want to see on your map. Tapping on a layer turns it on or off. If it’s on, it will be highlighted in green. You can turn on (or off) as many layers as you want at a time. When you have selected the layers you want, hit “back” or “done” and it will take you back to the main map screen. If you are using a Basic account, Pro-only layers will be grayed out. Upgrade your account to Pro to gain access to those. Active layers will show up at the top of your layer menu under the “Active Layers” tab. Use this as a shortcut to turn off layers that are currently being used. This is also a good way to quickly see which layers are available offline.

Unlock more layers with BaseMap Pro. Upgrading to Pro will give you access to layers like parcel boundaries with landowner names, nationwide government lands, nationwide designated wilderness areas, nationwide designated roadless areas, bathymetry layers and more. 

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