Hybrid 3D Imagery

When you are in the application looking at the map you can zoom in and out by pinching the screen with two fingers. If you want to see terrain details, or how steep a grade might be, put two fingers on the screen and slide them up. The more zoomed in you are on the map, the more of a tilt you will notice. This is a great way to see the lay of the land or surrounding terrain. If you would like to see different angles of the same parcel, you can also use two fingers to twist the map, gaining a different angle and then use the same tilt feature to see the other perspectives of the same area.

Need to see something in true 3D? Upgrade to BaseMap Pro to use our Google Earth integration and see BaseMap markers and locations within Google Earth. Click on a marker and use the Google Earth button to open to the exact spot in the Google Earth app so you can see the area in true 3D.

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