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Jeff Balch

BaseMap began when our CEO and Founder, Jeff Balch, saw a need for a mapping program that offered more than just maps.

He recognized that outdoor enthusiasts were passionate about spending their time outdoors, and they needed the right tools to efficiently plan their next adventure. Jeff’s vision went further than just a mapping application. He knew that his fellow outdoorsmen and women would want an app that handled everything for them in one location. He began to look at the bigger picture and through hard work and dedication, and a lot of late nights, he created the first version of BaseMap. His intuition stemmed from his years as an outdoorsman and his experiences in the backcountry.

From there it evolved and developed into what we now know as an innovative and technologically advanced mapping application that has changed the way we plan hunts and navigate through our adventures. More than a mapping application, BaseMap has become a multi-faceted tool for people who love the outdoors. Jeff continues to be involved in every step of the process to ensure that this project touches the lives of every outdoorsperson who needs a way to plan their adventures, stay safe in the outdoors, and spend less time worrying about how to get back to where they started from. Here at BaseMap, and because of Jeff Balch’s forward thinking and visionary qualities, we are proud to bring every outdoor enthusiast the ability to relax and enjoy their time outside knowing that they hold the power of adventure in the palm of their hand.
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