About Us

BaseMap® is the industry leading mobile and desktop mapping application providing hunters and outdoorsmen the tools and knowledge they need to plan, navigate, and share their outdoor adventures. BaseMap®’s goal is to help people be more successful outdoors with easy to use, cutting-edge technology like 3D maps, Smart Markers, unlimited offline mapping, live location sharing and much more.
Our Founder & CEO

Jeff Balch

BaseMap® began when founder and CEO, Jeff Balch, saw the need for a hunting app that offered more than just maps.

Jeff recognized that outdoorsmen and women need the right tools to efficiently plan, navigate and share their next hunt. There were other navigation apps currently in the space but Jeff found himself needing to have multiple applications on his device in order to handle everything for his hunt. Through hard work and many late nights he created the first version of BaseMap®.

BaseMap® has since evolved into the most innovative and technically advanced hunting and mapping application and has changed the way hunters plan and navigate their outdoor adventures. Jeff’s hope for BaseMap® is that it touches the lives of every hunter who needs a way to plan and navigate the next adventure and spend less time worrying about how to stay safe in the outdoors.

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